Théodrate of Troyes

Théodrate of Troyes (868 — 903) was the wife of Odo, Count of Paris and Queen consort of Western Francia from 888 to 898. Evidence of Théodrate and Odo's children comes from non-contemporary or historically inauthentic sources. The eleventh-century chronicler Adémar de Chabannes wrote that they had a son, Arnoul (c.882-898), who died shortly after his father Odo. Guy is named as one of the couple's children in an Alan I's charter dated 28 August 903, but genealogist Christian Settipani says it's a falsification.[1]

Théodrate of Troyes
Queen consort of France
Died903 (aged 34–35)
Alsace, France
SpouseOdo, Count of Paris (m. 882; died 898)


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Preceded by Queen consort of Western Francia
Succeeded by