Tetraria is a genus of flowering plants in the sedge family, Cyperaceae, native to Tanzania, South Africa, Borneo, Australia and New Zealand.[3]

Tetraria octandra - Flickr - Kevin Thiele (1).jpg
Tetraria octandra
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Clade: Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Cyperaceae
Genus: Tetraria

Aulacorhynchus' Nees
Boeckeleria T.Durand
Decalepis Boeckeler
Elynanthus Nees
Ideleria Kunth
Lepisia C.Presl
Macrochaetium Steud.
Schoenopsis P.Beauv. ex T.Lestib.
Sclerochaetium Nees
Tetrariopsis C.B.Clarke
Trichoballia C.Presl

The type species is Tetraria compar (L.) P.Beauv.[4]

Recent molecular work has shown that Tetraria is polyphyletic and in need of revision.[5][6]


Tetraria are perennial herbs, with generally few nodes.[7] The leaves are conspicuously sheathed with flat or incurved blades.[7] The inflorescence is usually a narrow panicle, with the flowers being bisexual, the lower flowers being male, and there are generally three stamens and three stigmas.[7] The fruit (a nutlet) is generally trigonous and often retains its style as a beak or crown.[7]

List of speciesEdit

(Accepted by Plants of the world online[3])
Tetraria australiensis C.B.Clarke
Tetraria borneensis J.Kern
Tetraria bromoides (Lam.) H.Pfeiff.
Tetraria burmanni (Vahl) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria capillacea (Thunb.) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria capillaris (F.Muell.) J.M.Black
Tetraria capitata Kük.
Tetraria compar (L.) B.D.Jacks.
Tetraria compressa Turrill
Tetraria crinifolia (Nees) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria cuspidata (Rottb.) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria eximia C.B.Clarke
Tetraria fasciata (Rottb.) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria ferruginea C.B.Clarke
Tetraria fimbriolata (Nees) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria flexuosa (Thunb.) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria fourcadei Turrill & Schönland
Tetraria involucrata (Rottb.) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria ligulata (Boeckeler) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria macowaniana B.L.Burtt
Tetraria maculata Schönland & Turrill
Tetraria microcarpa S.T.Blake
Tetraria microstachys (Vahl) H.Pfeiff.
Tetraria mlanjensis J.Raynal
Tetraria nigrovaginata (Nees) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria octandra (Nees) Kük.
Tetraria picta (Boeckeler) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria pillansii Levyns
Tetraria pleosticha C.B.Clarke
Tetraria pubescens Schönland & Turrill
Tetraria pygmaea Levyns
Tetraria robusta (Kunth) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria scariosa Kük.
Tetraria secans C.B.Clarke
Tetraria spiralis (Hochst.) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria sylvatica (Nees) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria thermalis (L.) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria triangularis (Boeckeler) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria usambarensis K.Schum.
Tetraria ustulata (L.) C.B.Clarke
Tetraria vaginata Schönland & Turrill


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