Test and County Cricket Board

The Test and County Cricket Board (TCCB) was established in 1968 to oversee Test and county cricket in Great Britain, replacing the functions of the Board of Control for Test Matches and the Advisory County Cricket Committee. Representatives from the TCCB, together with representatives from the Marylebone Cricket Club and the National Cricket Association (NCA), formed a new Cricket Council.

In 1992 Scotland severed their ties with the TCCB and England. The TCCB, NCA and Cricket Council were in turn superseded from 1 January 1997 by the England and Wales Cricket Board.




Chief executives

Representative teamsEdit

A TCCB XI (in one case restricted to cricketers under 25) played five first-class matches between 1981 and 1996, all in England against touring sides. One was won, two drawn and two lost. The bulk of the TCCB side tended to be made up of English county players who were on the fringes of the England team proper.