Terrence Holder

Terrence Holder (January 17, 1897, Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States – September 1983, Muskogee, Oklahoma) was an American jazz trumpeter and territory band leader.[1] He was also known as "Torrance Holder".[1]


Beginning in the early 1920s, Holder worked with Alphonse Trent in Muskogee, Oklahoma and was a soloist at a Dallas performance in 1925.[1] A year later he started the territory band the Dark Clouds of Joy, which included Don Byas, Andy Kirk, and Claude Williams.[1] When Kirk led the band in 1929, the name was changed to Twelve Clouds of Joy or the Clouds of Joy.[2] During the 1930s Holder worked in Kansas City with Budd Johnson and Buddy Tate.[3]


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