Terrell Croft

Terrell Croft (1880–1967) was an American engineer and author of technical books on electrical and mechanical subjects, most or all of which were published by McGraw-Hill. Titles include Wiring of Finished Buildings (1915), Electrical Machinery; Principles, Operations, and Management (1917), and Steam Engine Principles and Practice (1922).[1]

Between 1913 and 1924, Croft appears to have resided in University City, Missouri.[2] He was a consulting engineer, operating his own firm, Terrell Croft Engineering Company. He was a member of ASME, AIEE, ASTM, and ASHVE.[3]

Croft's most successful book is the American Electricians' Handbook (1913). This book is still in print, in its sixteenth edition (2013), by McGraw-Hill. The 16th edition is edited by Wilford I. Summers and Ferederic P. Hartwell. Croft's name still appears on the cover, and several illustrations from the first edition are retained.[4]

CIRCA 1930, Mr. Croft went into semi-retirement in Mexico City, Mexico, founding a small bookbindery managed with the assistance of his second Spouse, Jane. He died there in 1967,


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