The Terre Haute Tots were a baseball team in Terre Haute, Indiana from 1921–1937 after being established in 1919 as the Terre Haute Browns. They were a Three-I League team; while they were unaffiliated for most of their existence; in 1937, they were affiliated with the St. Louis Browns.

The ballpark edit

The Tots' games were played at Memorial Stadium ballpark in Terre Haute.[1]

Notable alumni edit

Year-by-year records edit

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1937 15-38 --- Bill Burwell Team disbanded in mid-season
1935 57-61 4th Bill Burwell No playoffs held
1932 42-27 1st Walter Holke No playoffs held
1931 55-68 6th Frank Kohlbecker No playoffs held
1930 53-76 8th Earl Wolgamot No playoffs held
1929 72-66 4th Earl Wolgamot No playoffs held
1928 75-59 2nd Pat Haley Lost in League Finals
1927 70-66 4th Bob Wells No playoffs held
1926 73-61 3rd Roy Whitcraft No playoffs held
1925 81-54 2nd Roy Whitcraft No playoffs held
1924 75-62 1st Roy Whitcraft League Champions
1923 71-60 3rd Ernie Robertson No playoffs held
1922 85-51 1st Bob Coleman League Champions
1921 70-65 3rd Bob Coleman No playoffs held

References edit

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