Terra Nostra (TV series)

Terra Nostra (English: Our Land) is a Brazilian telenovela, which was produced by and broadcast on Rede Globo in 1999.

Terra Nostra
Created byBenedito Ruy Barbosa
StarringAna Paula Arósio
Thiago Lacerda
Carolina Kasting
Antônio Fagundes
Débora Duarte
Raul Cortez
Maria Fernanda Cândido
Ângela Vieira
Marcello Antony
Paloma Duarte
Gabriel Braga Nunes
Antônio Calloni
Lu Grimaldi
Opening theme"Tormento D'amore" - Charlotte Church and Agnaldo Rayol
Country of originBrazil
Original languagePortuguese
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes221
Production locationsBrazil
Running time65 mins
Original networkRede Globo
Original releaseSeptember 20, 1999 (1999-09-20) –
June 3, 2000 (2000-06-03)
Preceded bySuave Veneno
Followed byLaços de Família

The story is set in the late 19th century and takes place at a time when slaves were freed in Brazil and there was a need for workers, especially on Brazilian coffee fazendas (plantations). This partly resulted many Italians migrating to Brazil, looking for employment and a better life.

Unlike many other telenovela stories, the characters are not larger than life in "Terra Nostra." Instead, they are everyday people who make ordinary decisions. Consequently, the viewers can relate to what is happening in the story.

"Terra Nostra" was written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and directed by Jayme Monjardim. Both men are responsible for writing and directing other first-rate stories. The telenovela has many shots of nature and scenery.

Musical director Marcus Viana compiled several traditional Italian songs, performed by musicians such as Charlotte Church, Caetano Veloso, Zizi Possi, and Jerry Adriani. The soundtrack also includes original instrumental music by Viana, who also created soundtracks for other shows.

"Terra Nostra" has been shown in several countries, including Tahiti, Russia, Greece, Canada, Peru, the United States of America, Mauritius, Serbia, Hungary, and Philippines to Italy, Spain, Croatia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Portugal and Romania.


The telenovela takes place in Brazil between the end of nineteenth century and early twentieth century. This historical telenovela tells the story of these Italian immigrants. It focuses on the relationship of Giuliana Esplendore (Ana Paula Arosío) and Matteo Batistela (Thiago Lacerda) who meet each other during the voyage to Brazil. Most of the story takes place in a coffee farm in São Paulo.

Giuliana and Matteo immediately fall in love and plan a life together. Unfortunately, fate and some people do not plan it that way. A series of mishaps befall the couple and keep them apart. When they finally reunite, their conduct affects not only their lives, but also other people they have met along the way.

After docking, Giuliana and Matteo became lost and followed different paths. She is welcomed by Francesco (Raul Cortez), a banker millionaire friend of his deceased parents. Francesco is married to Jeanett, an haughty and arrogant woman, and father of Marco Antonio, a bon vivant.

Matteo meanwhile works on the farm of Gumercindo (Antonio Fagundes), a coffee baron who is married to Maria do Socorro. While he is a loving father to his daughter Angélica, he is cruel to his other daughter, Rosana (Carolina Kasting).

Marco Antonio, son of Francesco, falls madly in love with Giuliana, who rejects him in her determination to find her love, Matteo. However when she discovers Matteo is expecting a son, Marco Antonio there sees the chance to be with her. Marco asks Giuliana to marry him and, in fear, she accepts.

Meanwhile, on the farm of Gumercindo, Matteo's charm enchants Angélica and Rosana. While Angélica is a shy girl, Rosana is impulsive and has strong personality. Rosana invests in Matteo despite being repeatedly rejected by him. However, to force Matteo to marry her, Rosana seduces Matteo and makes love with him. To Angélica Angelica join the convent, Gumercindo accepts the wedding proposal of Augusto, a young man with dreams of becoming a politician.

Augusto, however, maintains an affair with Paola, a beautiful and fiery Italian who arrived in the same ship that Matteo and Giuliana had. Anacleto, her father, forces Augusto to take responsibility of Paola and Augusto and purchases a home for the her in São Paulo, living together without being married. Subsequently Angélica and Augusto marry and move to São Paulo, and Paola becomes Angelica's friend. In realizing that Augusto is happily married, Paola relinquishes her hope of marrying him.

Gumercindo approaches Francesco with a business proposition. At this point, Matteo is already married with Rosana, with whom he is expecting a son, and Giuliana had a daughter, Annie, with Marco. But when the real desires of Giuliana and Matteo's son is uncovered, the marriage of Francesco and Jeanette falls apart, and Giuliana also separates from Marco.

The story concludes with Giuliana marrying Matteo and them expecting a child together, and Matteo adopts Aniña.

Moral issues arise which produce fruitful debate for the television viewers. There are no simple answers because none of the characters or issues are strictly right or wrong, black or white. The issues and personalities are gray and will cause the viewers to change their minds during the storyline.


Actor Character
Ana Paula Arósio Giuliana Splendore
Thiago Lacerda Matteo Battistella
Carolina Kasting Rosana Telles de Aranha
Marcello Antony Marco Antônio Magliano
Antônio Fagundes Gumercindo Telles de Aranha
Débora Duarte Maria do Socorro Teles de Aranha
Raul Cortez Francesco Magliano
Ângela Vieira Janete Magliano
Maria Fernanda Cândido Paola
Paloma Duarte Angélica Teles de Aranha
Gabriel Braga Nunes Augusto Marcondes
Antônio Calloni Bartolo Migliavacca
Lu Grimaldi Leonora
Cláudia Raia Hortênsia
Odilon Wagner Altino Marcondes
Elias Gleizer Padre Olavo
Raymundo de Souza Renato
Roberto Bomfim Agente Justino
Jackson Antunes Antenor
José Dumont Batista
André Luiz Miranda Júlio Francisco Santana (Tiziu)
Débora Olivieri Inês
Danton Mello Bruno
Tânia Bondezan Mariana
Gésio Amadeu Damião
Mário César Camargo Anacleto
Adriana Lessa Naná
Fernanda Muniz Luísa
Adhenor de Souza Juvenal
Sônia Zagury Antônia
Fábio Dias Amadeo
Paulo de Almeida Toninho
Bianca Castanho Florinda
Guilherme Bernard José Alceu
Juan Alba Josué
Tarciana Saad Matilde
Lolita Rodrigues Dolores
Nicolas Prattes Francesquinho