Teresa María Rojas

Teresa María Rojas is a Cuban writer, educator, director, and actress born in Havana, Cuba.

Teresa María Rojas
EducationUniversity of Havana
OccupationWriter, educator, theater director, actress


Rojas graduated from the University of Havana in 1957 and studied acting at Sala Prometeo, a small theater located in the city. After leaving Cuba in 1960, she went to Venezuela and then to Miami in 1963. Rojas began working as a professor of theater and acting at Miami Dade College (MDC, also formerly known as Miami Dade Community College) in 1972. In 1985, Rojas founded the Prometeo Theater, a bilingual theater group at MDC, serving as its artistic director. More than four hundred students worked in the Prometeo Theater each year.[1]

During her teaching career, Rojas has performed, produced, and directed over ninety plays. In recognition of her teaching, she has been endowed with three teaching chairs. One of her former students, Nilo Cruz, wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning play in the drama category, Anna in the Tropics. Rojas performed in the play when it returned to Miami after its Broadway debut.[1]

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