Teres may refer to:


Odrysian rulers:

  • Teres I, the first king of the Odrysian state of Thrace (reigned 475-445 BC)
  • Teres II, king of the Odrysians in middle Thrace from 351 BC to 342 BC, succeeding his father, Amatokos II
  • Teres III, king of the Odrysians in Thrace in ca. 149 BC, the son of Cotys IV


  • Teres Ridge, a ridge of elevation 330 m near Siddins Point on the Hero Bay coast of Livingston Island, Antarctica

Given name:

  • Teres Shulkowsky (born 1989), an Israeli football defender currently playing for the Maccabi Netanya football club

Family name:

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