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Terence Dolan (8 April 1943 – 20 April 2019)[1] was an Irish lexicographer and radio personality. He was professor of Old and Middle English in the School of English and Drama at University College Dublin. He acted as the School's Research Co-ordinator, and was the director of the Hiberno-English Archive website.[2] He appeared weekly on Seán Moncrieff's radio show (Mondays) on Newstalk 106. Podcasts of his appearances are available from Newstalk's website.[3]



Dolan was born in London of Irish parents, both of whom hailed from County Cavan. He was formerly a Hastings Senior Scholar of The Queen's College, Oxford. He was twice the National Endowment for the Humanities Distinguished Visiting Professor of the Humanities, University of Richmond, Virginia (in 1986 and 1992). He was a director of the international James Joyce summer school, Dublin. He is perhaps best known for his Dictionary of Hiberno-English which gives a comprehensive account of the English language as it is spoken in Ireland.[4]

Illness and deathEdit

Dolan suffered a stroke in February 2008, and began a period of recuperation. He left Tallaght Hospital on 15 December 2008. He talked to Seán Moncrieff's about this experience, and also about the origins of medical words and about writing a book about the first hand experience of having a stroke and the recovery.[5][6] He died on 20 April 2019.[4]

Research interestsEdit

Selected publicationsEdit

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Radio appearancesEdit

  • 2002–Presenter, RTÉ Radio Series: 'Talking Proper: The English of the Irish'.
  • 2002 – Contributor, RTÉ Radio Series, 'The Odd Word'.
  • 2002 – 'Hiberno-English Lexicography', University of Joensuu, Finland.
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  • 1996 – For the Translation Service of the European Commission, in Brussels and Luxembourg. 'Why and How the Irish Speak English' ( to mark Ireland's Presidency of the European Commission ).
  • 1992 – 'English and Irish in Competition', Jefferson Smurfit Fellowship Lecture, University of Missouri-Rolla.