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Terence 'Banjo' Bannon, born 24 November 1967 in Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland is a mountaineer and adventurer. Banjo became the second person from Northern Ireland to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 2003 (First person was Dawson Stelfox who ascended Everest on May 27, 1993. Banjo was among this party however did not reach the summit.). In 2006 attempted to climb K2, however the attempt was aborted after the deaths of a number of expedition members.[1][2]

Terence "Banjo" Bannon
Banjo Bannon monument, Newry, March 2010 (01).JPG
Terence Bannon

Other namesBanjo
Home townNewry, County Down, Northern Ireland


A monument to Banjo, known locally as 'Banjo's Butte', was unveiled in May 2004. The large, craggy stone monolith is designed to evoke a mountain and features an etched image of Banjo, a written record of the stages of his climb and an inspirational quote from Banjo. It stands in front of the city hall

Key of the City

Banjo became the first resident to receive the freedom of the City of Newry.


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