Tentōki and Ryūtōki

Tentōki and Ryūtōki (木造天燈鬼立像 mokuzō tentōki ritsuzō) and (木造竜燈鬼立像 mokuzō ryūtōki ritsuzō) are a pair of demon-like creatures in Japanese folklore. They are usually depicted as small oni, and symbolize the power of the Shitennō to repel and defeat evil.[1]

Tentōki and Ryūtōki by Kōben, National Treasure of Japan, c. 1215–16

Kōben sculpted notable statues of Tentōki and Ryūtōki, each considered a National Treasure of Japan, carrying lanterns as offering to the Historical Buddha at Kōfuku-ji in Nara.[2]

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