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Tennis Europe (formerly known as the European Tennis Association)[1] was formed in Rome, Italy on 31 May 1975 by a group of 17 European national tennis federations as a regional governing body for the sport of tennis and under the auspices of the International Tennis Federation.[2] It is the world's largest regional association of the sport's governing body, the International Tennis Federation, with 50 member states in 2015.[3][4]

Tennis Europe (European Tennis Federation)
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HeadquartersZur Gempenfluh 36, Basel CH 4059, Switzerland
50 national associations

Based in Basel, Switzerland, the organisation takes an active role in all aspects of the European game, executing tasks delegated by the ITF, and also by organizing a number of competitions and events independently from the ITF, such as European Tennis Championships.[2]

Francesco Ricci Bitti was President of Tennis Europe from 1993 to 1999.[5]

The organisation's current President is Ivo Kaderka,[6] and the Chief Executive Officer is Thomas Hammerl.[7]



Tennis Europe supports, manages and sanctions over 1,200 international tennis events across the continent each year:[8]

Junior Events [9]
Tennis Europe Junior Tour (410 individual events for players aged 16/14/12 & Under)
These include some of the sport's best-known and most prestigious tournaments for players of these age groups, including Les Petits As (FRA) and Avvenire (ITA).

European Junior Championships (18/16/14 & Under)
European Summer Cups (18/16/14 & Under)
Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD (16/14 & Under)
Tennis Europe Nations Challenge by HEAD (12 & Under)
Tennis Europe Junior Masters (16/14 & Under)
ITF/Tennis Europe Development Championships (14 & Under)
12 & Under Festival

Seniors' Events [10]
European Tournaments, part of ITF European Seniors Circuit
European Senior Championships (all official age categories)
European Senior Opens (indoor and outdoor; all official age categories)
European Seniors' Clubs Championships (Men 35/40/45/55/60/65/70 Women 40/50/60)

Professional Circuits
Tennis Europe's Professional Tennis Department is the service point for all European Men's and Women's Tournaments of the ITF World Tennis Tour, incorporating Men's professional events of $15,000 or $25,000 in prize money, as well as Women's events ranging from $15,000 to $100,000.[11]

The Professional Tennis Department is in charge of over 600 events in Europe each year, comprising a total prize money fund of around $12,000,000.

Tennis Europe cooperates with the ITF in the establishment the ITF Junior Circuit Calendar (18 & Under) and in the organisation of the European Beach Tennis Championships.[12]


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