Tenghuang (Chinese: 騰黃; also known by various names as Chenghuang, Feihuang, Guhuangm, and Cuihuang) is a mythological creature which is symbol of auspiciousness in Chinese mythology.[1] It is mentioned in the Shanhaijing.[2]

A drawing of Tenghuang from the Shanhaijing


There are two versions of what Tenghuang looked like. It is said to be a beast like a fox, with wings and horns like a dragon on its back. The life span of those who ride it can grow to two thousand years. Another claim states that it has the appearance of a horse.[1]

Folk sayingsEdit

There is an idiom in Chinese, "Flying the Yellow Tengda" (飛黃騰達) or "Riding on the Tenghuang". It is used to describe a person ascending and gaining a high position or reputation.[3]


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