Temple of Zeus Hypsistos

The Temple of Zeus Hypsistos is an ancient Roman Temple dedicated to the Roman deity Zeus, located in the present day town of Al-Dumayr, Syria, located 45 km north-east of Damascus, and known historically as Thelsea.[1]

Temple of Zeus Hypsistos
معبد ضمير
Dumair,roman nw.jpg
The Temple's exterior
Temple of Zeus Hypsistos is located in Syria
Temple of Zeus Hypsistos
Shown within Syria
LocationAl-Dumayr, Syria
Coordinates33°22′57″N 36°24′43″E / 33.3824°N 36.41200°E / 33.3824; 36.41200
Site notes
Public accessYes


While its construction date is unknown, it was probably a Nabatean building, likely converted to a temple around the 2nd century.[1]

In one of its inscriptions, it mentions a case heard by Emperor Caracalla in Antioch around 216, about the corruption in the temple's priesthood.[1]

To the peasants, the case is over matters of piety, to you nothing is more important than piety. So now they have confidence in the present instance in engaging in a case before a most pious king and judge. There is a famous temple of Zeus in their territory, which is visited by people from all the neighbouring regions. They go there, and arrange processions to it. Here is the first wrong committed by our adversary. He enjoys [immunity from taxation and] exemption from liturgies, wears a golden crown, enjoys [precedence], has taken the sceptre in his hand and has proclaimed himself the priest of Zeus.[1][2]



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