Temple of Divus Augustus, Nola

The Temple of Divus Augustus was a temple commemorating the deified first Roman emperor, Augustus. It was constructed in Nola in Campania, where Augustus had died in AD 14. The temple was erected on the place where Augustus died and was dedicated by his successor Tiberius in 26.[1] If still in use by the 4th- and 5th century, it would have been closed during the persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire.

Temple of Divus Augustus
40°55′30″N 14°31′25″E / 40.924877°N 14.523594°E / 40.924877; 14.523594
LocationNola, Campania, Italy
TypeRoman temple
Beginning datecirca 14 AD
Completion date26 AD
Dedicated toAugustus
A map of the ancient city of Nola with the location of the temple in red.

References edit

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