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This template tells you how many days are in a given year (365 or 366). If no parameters are passed, the current year is assumed. For years in the BC era, count back from 1 BC starting with zero (i.e. 1 BC is 0, 2 BC is -1, etc.) For more information on the calculation of what is and is not a leap year, see Template:IsLeapYear.

This template is substitutable.

{{YEARDAYS}} (days in current year)
{{YEARDAYS|year}} (days in given year)
{{subst:YEARDAYS}} (substitute days in current year)
{{subst:YEARDAYS|year}} (substitute days in given year)
  • {{YEARDAYS}}: 365
  • {{YEARDAYS|2006}}: 365
  • {{YEARDAYS|2004}}: 366
  • {{YEARDAYS|2000}}: 366
  • {{YEARDAYS|1900}}: 365
  • {{YEARDAYS|0}}: 366 (1 BC)
  • {{YEARDAYS|-4}}: 366 (5 BC)