Template:WoS game

WoS game at SpectrumComputing.co.uk

Template documentation

To use this template, insert this code into the External links section of a video game article:

{{WoS game|id=<id>|name=<game title>}}

and replace <id> with the unique ID given to each game. You can find the IDs by looking at the URL. Grab the ID from the URL after "https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/index.php?cat=96&id=" or "https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/entry/". For example, if the World of Spectrum URL is:




then just "1686" (without the double quotes) would replace <id>.

For <game title> insert the name of the game (the default is to use the pagename). For example:

{{WoS game|id=1686|name=Exolon}}

would give this code:

Exolon at SpectrumComputing.co.uk

Only use this this template for game related articles, i.e. not for publishers or individuals.