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This template {{WikiProject Higher education}} adds articles to Category:WikiProject Higher education articles. This template is a self-reference. Please add it to the article's talk page.


{{WikiProject Higher education |class= }}


{{WikiProject Higher education 
|student affairs=

Optional parametersEdit

  • collaboration-nom – set |collaboration-nom=yes if the page is a candidate to be the Collaboration of the Month.
  • collaboration-now – set |collaboration-now=yes if the page is currently the Collaboration of the Month.
  • collaboration-past – set |collaboration-past=yes (or any non-blank value other than "no", "n", "0" or "¬", such as the dates it was part of the collaboration) if the page was a past Collaboration of the Month.
  • listas – This parameter, which is the equivalent of the DEFAULTSORT sortkey that should be placed on all biographical articles, is a sortkey for the article talk page (e.g. for John Owens, use |listas=Owens, John so that the talk page will show up in the O's and not the J's of the various assessment and administrative categories). This is important because it is one source used by those who set DEFAULTSORT on the article; consider also setting the DEFAULTSORT for the article when setting this parameter. For more information about this, please see Wikipedia:Categorization of people § Ordering names in a category.
    It is not required if another WikiProject template on the same page has its own |listas= set, since it not only affects categories used by the banner in which it is set, but it also affects the sortkey of all other banners and templates.
  • category – set |category=no if, and only if, a banner is being used for demonstration or testing purposes, to prevent unnecessary or undesirable categorization. Otherwise, omit this parameter.

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