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WikiProject iconThis template is within the scope of WikiProject Belarus, a project which is currently considered to be inactive.
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Full Parameters List

{{WikiProject Belarus
 | class =
 | importance = 
 | attention = 
 | comments = 
 | category = 
 | listas = 

Assessment Parameters

 | class =
 | importance = 


class parameter is a rating of the article's quality. Choose the class from the version 1.0 editorial team's assessment scale (see also Template:Grading scheme):


importance parameter is a rating of the article importance to WikiProject Belarus. Choose the value from version 1.0 editorial team's importance scale (see also Template:Importance scheme):

  • Top - Article's subject should be included in any print encyclopedia. The subject is extremely important and achieved international notability.
  • High - Article's subject contributes a depth of knowledge. The subject is extremely notable, but has not achieved international notability, or is only notable within a particular continent.
  • Mid - Article's subject fills in more minor details. Subject is notable within Belarus and within its particular field or subject.
  • Low - Article's subject is mainly of specialist interest. The subject is not particularly notable or significant even within its field of study. It may only be included to cover a specific part of a notable article.
  • NA - Importance is not applicable. This generally applies to non-article pages such as redirects, categories and templates.

Maintenance Parameters

 | attention = 
 | comments =
 | category = 
 | listas = 

Attention Parameter

Answer "yes" if the article requires immediate attention.

Comments Parameter

Answer "yes" to display a sub-page of the article's talk page (such sub-pages is used to post brief comments about article's assessment

Category Parameter

Answer "no" in order to prevent unnecessary or undesirable categorization when the banner is being used for demonstration or testing purposes. When the banner is not used for these purposes, remove this line.

Listas Parameter

This parameter is a sort key for the article talk page. It is the equivalent of the DEFAULTSORT sort key. Both sort key should be placed on all biographical articles.

Using this parameter, the person's name is sorted as "surname, forename", for various assessment and administrative categories. For example, the value of listas parameter for Elvis Presley, should be
| listas=Presley, Elvis

The values given for DEFAULTSORT sort key and listas' sort key should be the same. Therefore, consider also setting the DEFAULTSORT for the article when setting this parameter.

For more information about the sort key, please see Wikipedia's institutions for sort by surname.