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{{Trim leading|<input> |<prefix> }}

Trims up to six instances of <prefix> (such as: 0 or "anti-") from the beginning of <input>. <Prefix> is set to "0" by default (for removing leading zeroes from numbers). Template will not properly work beyond the first whitespace in the input.


  • Up to 100 chararacters in the input string. If possible, first check length of input string using {{Str len}}. Using strings longer than 100 characters may result in the error "max index is 100 for str_sub".
  • Limited set of characters.
  • Snags on whitespace.
  • Expensive.


{{Trim leading|duck duck duck goose |duck}} → duck duck goose

{{Trim leading|duckduckduckgoose |duck}} → goose

{{Trim leading|00000034 }} → 34

{{Trim leading|aaaaaa34|a }} → 34

{{Trim leading|U+0034|U+}} → 0034

{{Trim leading|anti-anti-neutrino |anti-}} → neutrino


This template uses parser function {{padleft:}} and templates {{strlen_quick}} and {{str_right}}.

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