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Hello, Talkbacktiny. You have new messages at Example's talk page. --~~~~~
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{{talkbacktiny|your username|~~~~~}}

  • Note: All parameters must be used if you do not subst: this template.
  • Note: No parameters need to be used if you subst: this template.



Many users state that when they get a message, they will respond on your talk page instead of on their own. In this way each user is very well informed of reply messages by the bright orange "you have new messages" notice a user gets when their talk page is edited. However, such conversations threading back and forth between two talk pages can make reading back a conversation quite cumbersome even for those involved, and leaves a very hard to decipher trail for other editors who may wish to read the conversation at a future date. To this end, this template allows you to keep a conversation on one talk page, but still inform the other party that you have responded on your own talk page.

An existing template, {{Talkback}} from which this template derives, has many additional features. This template is intended as a very simple version with minimal code and to present a smaller sized ("tiny") notice on a user's talk page just to inform them that a message they left has been responded to on your own talk page.

See alsoEdit

  • {{Talkback}} – the original, large "you have new messages" notice to put on other users' talk pages
  • {{subst:mytalk}} – invokes the talkback template and automatically fills in your username
  • {{Talkbacktiny}} – a somewhat smaller version of {{Talkback}}
  • {{Interwiki talkback}} – a "you have new messages" notice to put on other users' talk pages for interwiki purposes
  • {{Whisperback}} – a less obtrusive template, with more features (topic, etc.)
  • {{Response}} – another less obtrusive template
  • {{Please see}} – similar to {{Whisperback}}, but notifying others of a topic they may wish to participate in
  • {{Reply to}} – ping a user without posting on their talk page (uses the mention notification)
  • {{You've got mail}} – like {{Talkback}} but to notify of an offsite e-mail
  • {{Usertalkback}}, {{Userwhisperback}} and many variants – a notice for the top of one's own user talk page asking others to use or not use a talkback template when communicating with you
  • {{no talkback}} – opt-out of talkback messages from Twinkle.