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This TOC is meant for numbered lists with 1000 entries, such as the List of minor planets and Meanings of minor planet names series.

To be functional for long lists, the list page must have anchors named "001", "101", "201", ..., "901". In a table, this can be done by adding id="001" to a cell's parameters. Outside of a table, this can be done by adding {{Anchor|001}}.

If a list contains only several entries (i.e. for pages containing minor planets numbered above 100,000), this TOC may still be used to navigate ± 5,000 entries in either direction, which is larger than {{MinorPlanetNameMeaningsFooter}}'s succession-box navigation of ± 1,000.


The |prefix= parameter is required, but defaults to |prefix=1 to suppress error messages. |prefix= should be set to: (<# of the lowest possible entry on the page> - 1)/1000. For example, List of minor planets: 1001–2000's |prefix= parameter should be set to: (1001 - 1)/1000, or |prefix=1.

When prefix <= 5, or empty, the bottom range of the TOC is 1–10,000. When prefix >= 6, the bottom range of the TOC dynamically adjusts to the range (<prefix> - 5) × 1000 to (<prefix> + 5) × 1000. For example, the range for List of minor planets: 55001–56000, which uses |prefix=55, is (55 - 5) × 1000 to (55 + 5) × 1000, or 50,000 to 60,000.

|meanings=yes may be set to link to Meanings of minor planet names list pages instead of List of minor planets pages. List of minor planets pages are linked to by default.

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