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How to use

Go to the article's Talk page and click the Edit tab. Add and fill in the following:

==Some proposed changes==
{{request edit}}

  • Information to be added or removed: ADD TEXT HERE
  • Explanation of issue: ADD TEXT HERE
  • References supporting change: ADD URL AT LEAST


In further detail

  1. Create a new section on this page by typing something like this ==Some proposed changes==
  2. Directly below this type {{request edit}}
  3. Underneath this, write out your request. For editors looking at your request, the following can be helpful:
    • Indicate if information should be added to the article or subtracted from it.
    • Explain in clear words what needs to be changed about the article. Add a suggestion for the changes that can be copy-pasted by the editor if you can.
    • Provide links to sources which support any claims made.
    • Bear in mind that the editor responding to your request might not be familiar with the subject.
  4. At the end, sign the post using four tildes: ~~~~
  5. Click on the Show preview button and have a look to make sure the request appears the way you want it to
  6. If you wish to make any corrections or additions, you may do so in the edit box below the preview (scroll down to see this box); preview your post as many times as you wish, and when you are satisfied, click on the Publish changes button

Request options

{{request edit}} = {{request edit/request}} for requested edits. Post on the article talk page, in a thread that describes the edit to be made. The template automatically adds the request to the list of edits requested and Category:Requested edits.

{{request edit|R}} = {{request edit/significant}} same function as {{request edit}} – use for more substantial changes.

Response options

{{request edit|A}} = {{request edit/accepted}} for accepted edits that have been implemented; adds the request to Category:Implemented requested edits (the template also accepts |answered=yes or |ans=yes)

{{request edit|P|[explanation]}} = {{request edit/partial}} for partially completed requests (please provide an explanation of what was and was not done and why as the third parameter); adds the request to Category:Partially implemented requested edits

{{request edit|D|[see below]}} = {{request edit/declined}} for declined request; adds the request to Category:Declined requested edits

Declined parameters

{{request edit|D|ADV}} for declining promotional content

{{request edit|D|V}} for declining content not properly sourced

{{request edit|D|O}} for articles with obvious omissions that need balance

{{request edit|D|R}} when changes ask to remove sourced content

{{request edit|D|D}} to request the editor attempt to discuss with involved editors first

{{request edit|D|S}} for requests that are not specific enough

{{request edit|D|T}} for requests that aren't an improvement

{{request edit|D|C}} this issue has been discussed and no clear consensus was reached

Please see the list of requested edits at the Template:Request edit/Instructions § Current requested edits page to see how you can help!

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