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Track layout
to [[{{{1}}} ({{{code}}})|{{{1}}}]]
to [[{{{2}}} ({{{code}}})|{{{2}}}]]

This is a route-map template for a New York City Subway station.

Parameter Description Required
unnamed parameter 1 Previous stop (at top of diagram). Note: must be formatted as |1= if |l1= is included. yes
unnamed parameter 2 Next stop (at bottom of diagram). Note: must be formatted as |2= if |l2= is included. yes
|l1= Alternate text for previous stop (defaults to the value for parameter 1) optional
|l2= Alternate text for next stop (defaults to the value for parameter 2) optional
|3r= If included, creates a three-row platform (signifying a 450–480 foot-long platform) instead of four rows (for a 510+ foot-long platform) optional
|closed= If included, shows that the platform is closed optional
|code= The full line name yes
|code2= Alternate line name for the next stop optional
|color= Line color from {{NYCS color}} optional
|color-gradient1= and
Line colors (for a gradient) from {{NYCS color}} optional
|dir= or
Adds a North arrow. Acceptable inputs for |dir= are the cardinal and ordinal directions (N, NE, E, etc.) Acceptable inputs for |deg= are in 15° steps: 000, 015, 030, 045 … 345 optional
|inline= Makes the map inline (i.e. omits the title and surrounding box) optional
|textcolor= Color of the header text optional


Note that these examples are meant to show different variations and do not accurately represent specific stations.

{{NYCS 2-tracked island platform station
|1 = Chambers Street
|l1 = Chambers St
|2 = Rector Street
|l2 = Rector St
|code = IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line
|inline = y
|closed = y
|deg = 345

{{NYCS 2-tracked island platform station
|1 = Fulton Street
|2 = Court Street
|code = BMT Nassau Street Line
|code2 = BMT Fourth Avenue Line
|color-gradient1 = Nassau
|color-gradient2 = R
Track layout
{{NYCS 2-tracked island platform station
|dir = N
|1 = Graham Avenue
|2 = Montrose Avenue
|3r = yes
|code = BMT Canarsie Line
|color = Canarsie
|textcolor = white
Track layout

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