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Mycological characteristics
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MycoMorphBoxes depict 8 mycological characteristics that are often useful in identifying mushrooms. The template is given as a quick way to display information about mushrooms, and to enable quick comparison between them.


Copy the following code into the article you want to add a MycoMorphBox to, and then add the parameters:

{{ mycomorphbox
| name            = 
| hymeniumType    = 
| capShape        = 
| whichGills      = 
| stipeCharacter  = 
| sporePrintColor = 
| ecologicalType  = 
| howEdible       = 


MycoMorphBoxes have 8 basic parameters:

name hymeniumType capShape whichGills stipeCharacter sporePrintColor ecologicalType howEdible
Name of the mushroom. Type of spore-bearing surface: gills, pores, et cetera. Descriptor of the general shape of the cap. Descriptor of how the hymenium attaches to the stem. Applies even to ridged, toothed and pored species, despite parameter name. Indicates if a universal or partial veil is present. Color of the spore print. Indicates how the mushroom obtains nutrients. Indicates whether the mushroom is edible or poisonous.
  • Gills icon.png gills
  • Pores icon.png pores
  • Smooth icon.png smooth
  • Ridges icon.png ridges
  • Teeth icon.png teeth
  • Gleba icon.png gleba
  • Campanulate cap icon.svg campanulate
  • Conical cap icon.svg conical
  • Convex cap icon.svg convex
  • Depressed cap icon.svg depressed
  • Flat cap icon.svg flat
  • Infundibuliform cap icon.svg infundibuliform
  • Offset cap icon.svg offset
  • Ovate cap icon.svg ovate
  • Umbillicate cap icon.svg umbilicate
  • Umbonate cap icon.svg umbonate
  • No cap icon.svg no
  • NA cap icon.svg NA
  • Adnate gills icon2.svg adnate
  • Adnexed gills icon2.svg adnexed
  • Decurrent gills icon2.svg decurrent
  • Emarginate gills icon2.svg emarginate
  • Free gills icon2.svg free
  • Seceding gills icon2.svg seceding
  • Sinuate gills icon2.svg sinuate
  • Subdecurrent gills icon2.svg subdecurrent
  • No gills icon.svg no
  • NA gills icon.svg NA
  • Bare stipe icon.svg bare
  • Ring stipe icon.svg ring
  • Volva stipe icon.svg volva
  • Ring and volva stipe icon.svg ring and volva
  • Cortina stipe icon.png cortina
  • NA cap icon.svg NA
  • Black spore print icon.png black
  • Blackish-brown spore print icon.png blackish-brown
  • Brown spore print icon.png brown
  • Buff spore print icon.png buff
  • Cream spore print icon.png cream
  • Green spore print icon.png green
  • Ochre spore print icon.png ochre
  • Olive spore print icon.png olive
  • Olive-brown spore print icon.png olive-brown
  • Pink spore print icon.png pink
  • Pinkish-brown spore print icon.png pinkish-brown
  • Purple spore print icon.png purple
  • Purple-black spore print icon.png purple-black
  • Purple-brown spore print icon.png purple-brown
  • Reddish-brown spore print icon.png reddish-brown
  • Salmon spore print icon.png salmon
  • Tan spore print icon.png tan
  • White spore print icon.png white
  • Yellow spore print icon.png yellow
  • Yellow-orange spore print icon.png yellow-orange
  • Yellow-brown spore print icon.png yellow-brown
  • Mycorrhizal fungus.svg mycorrhizal
  • Parasitic fungus.svg parasitic
  • Saprotrophic fungus.svg saprotrophic
  • Mycomorphbox Choice.png choice
  • Mycomorphbox Edible.png edible
  • Mycomorphbox Inedible.png inedible
  • Mycomorphbox Inedible.png unpalatable
  • Mycomorphbox Caution.png caution
  • Mycomorphbox Psychoactive.png psychoactive
  • Mycomorphbox Poison.png poisonous
  • Mycomorphbox Caution.png allergenic
  • Mycomorphbox Deadly.png deadly
  • Mycomorphbox Question.png unknown


These basic parameters can be specified in any order, but should be typed exactly as above. For example:

Phlebopus marginatus
View the Mycomorphbox template that generates the following list
Mycological characteristics
gills on hymenium
cap is infundibuliform
hymenium is seceding
lacks a stipe
spore print is buff to cream
ecology is mycorrhizal
edibility: unknown
{{ mycomorphbox
| name             = Phlebopus marginatus
| whichGills       = seceding
| capShape         = infundibuliform
| hymeniumType     = gills
| stipeCharacter   = NA
| ecologicalType   = mycorrhizal
| sporePrintColor  = buff
| sporePrintColor2 = cream
| howEdible        = unknown

Generates the mycomorphbox at right:

All parameters other than name and hymeniumType can now be specified with a secondary characteristic. For example, a mushroom might appear with both convex and flat caps at maturity, this can be indicated in the mycomorphbox by adding a second capShape parameter, simply by repeating the parameter name followed by the numeral 2:


This can be done with the following parameters: capShape, whichGills, stipeCharacter, sporePrintColor, ecologicalType, howEdible.

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