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This template is a standardized sidebar navigational box for articles on the music of regions, nations, or other areas. It may be extended to include other topics in the future. To use this template, add {{Music of sidebar | parameter list... }} at the top of the introductory section of the article in question. Parameters are defined in the section below.

This template is still under development. If there are features you would like to see added or changed, please leave a note on the talk page.


The full list of parameters is as follows:

{{Music of sidebar
|pagename        = {{subst:PAGENAME}}<!-- The name of the sidebar or article page (for backlinks to the template) -->
|region          = The region in question.
|article         = Name of main 'music of' article; defaults to 'Music of {{{region}}}'.
|image           = An image appropriate to the music of the region.
|caption         = A caption for the above image
|mainbgcolor     = Color of the main background
|headbgcolor     = Color of the headers' backgrounds

|timeline        = Article name for a timeline of music in this region.
|samples         = Article name for a collection of music samples for this region.
|topics          = Specific regional topics. Best to keep this list short.
|genres          = List of music genres, with links applicable to this region.

|religious       = Music particular to regional religious groups.
|ethnic          = Music particular to regional ethnic groups.
|traditional     = Non-modern music that does not fit better into the following categories.
|otherforms      = Open list of other important forms, if any.
|otherformslabel = Label for otherforms list; defaults to 'Other music'.

|awards          = Awards and major award ceremonies.
|charts          = Regional public charts for popular music.
|festivals       = Regional music festivals and events.
|media           = Regional media organizations.

|anthem          = National anthem for region, if applicable.
|othernationalistic = Other nationalistic and/or patriotic songs, if applicable.

|subregions      = Subregions of the region.
|nearregions     = Nearby, enclosing, or related regions.
|othregions      = Generic list of other related regions, if needed.
|othlabel        = Label to apply to othregions list; defaults to 'Other regions'.


Where article names are requested, they should be provided without brackets. Anything in the lists, of course, needs normal wikitext.

The 'culturename' parameter is used for assigning pages to categories, and should be the adjectival form of the region name. For example, if the region is China, culturename should be Chinese; if the region is Africa, culturename should be African. If there are any doubts, check Category:Music by country, Category:Music by region or Category:Music by continent for the correct word to use.

Colors may be specified in any form recognized by CSS - three or six digit hexadecimal (e.g., #ccf or #f323ee), RGB values (using the form 'rgb(123, 33, 43)'), HTML color names (red, aqua, orange...) or etc.


|collapsible     = Set this to 'yes' to make the sidebar collapsible
|collapsed       = Set this to 'yes' to make the sidebar collapsed by default


Music of Mars
A Martian playing a traditional horn instrument
General topics
Specific forms
Religious music
Traditional music
Regional music
Local forms
Nearby Planets
{{Music of sidebar
|pagename = Music of sidebar
|culturename = Martian
|region = Mars
|image = Piolinmarcianocolor.jpeg
|caption = A Martian playing a traditional horn instrument

|topics = 
* [[Musical weaponry]]
* [[Water songs]]
* [[Instruments requiring more than four limbs]]
|genres = 
* [[Martian classical music|Classical]]
* [[Martian popular music|Pop]]
* [[Martian rock|Rock]]
* [[Martian jazz|Jazz]]

|religious = 
* [[Forthright dirges]]
* [[Wedding Music (Martian)]]
* [[Meditation music]]
|traditional = 
* [[celebratories]]
* [[spensions]]

|subregions = 
* [[Music of Phobos|Phobos]]
* [[Music of Deimos|Deimos]]
|othregions = 
* [[Music of Earth|Earth]]
* [[Music of Jupiter|Titan]]
* [[Music of Outer planets|Outer planets]]
|othlabel = Nearby Planets


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