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Note: The lang and dlang parameters should be ISO 639-1 codes.

Required parametersEdit

  • lang or 1 (or first unnamed, positional parameter): The source language's ISO 639-1 code.
  • url: URL of online item. Start the url with the communications protocol, e.g. http://. Technical notes, As of 8 December lc: Bing Translate does not work on https:// URLs. Google Translate works by headers sent by the webserver of the original document, and will report "This page is already in English" errors if the site incorrectly supplies English as the document language for non-English material, and this error is fairly common.

Optional parametersEdit

  • title: Title of specific online work being cited. This title will appear as the citation itself, hyperlinked to the URL. Quotation marks or italics (as appropriate for the source type, e.g. an article versus a book – see MOS:TITLES) must be manually included in the value you supply here. This parameter's content will not be displayed if |nolink=, below, is used.
  • nolink: If set to any non-empty value (e.g. |nolink=y), the link to the URL will not be included (or will the value of |title=, if present). This can be used e.g. after a {{Cite web}} link.
  • noicon: If set to any non-empty value, will also suppress the language-name icon – (in German and Chinese), etc. – in case this has already been given in a preceding citation template with its own |lang= parameter.
  • dlang: The destination language's ISO 639-1 code, default en (English). This is not normally used on English Wikipedia, though it might have some application on talk pages, e.g. in discussion of translating an en.wiki page to another-language Wikipedia.


The code:

{{machine translate |lang=es |url=http://www.beisbolcubano.cu/home/news.asp?idNews=27618}}

or simply:

{{machine translate |es |url=http://www.beisbolcubano.cu/home/news.asp?idNews=27618}}

[1] (in Spanish) (Translate: Google, Bing)

The code:

{{machine translate |es |url=http://www.beisbolcubano.cu/home/news.asp?idNews=27618 |title="Habana del Este campeón"}} 

"Habana del Este campeón" (in Spanish) (Translate: Google, Bing)

The code:

{{machine translate |es |url=http://www.beisbolcubano.cu/home/news.asp?idNews=27618 |nolink=y |noicon=y}} 

(Translate: Google, Bing)

The code:

{{machine translate |en |dlang=gd |url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Games_in_North_Carolina |title="Scottish Games in North Carolina" at en.Wikipedia}} 

"Scottish Games in North Carolina" at en.Wikipedia (in English) (Translate to Scottish Gaelic: Google, Bing)

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