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This template is to be used on articles about individual college football (American football) games. For yearly or recurring games, please use Template:Infobox NCAA football yearly game.



{{Infobox college football single game
|Visitor Name Short=
|Visitor Nickname=
|Home Name Short=
|Home Nickname=
|Visitor Record=
|Visitor Conference=
|Home Record=
|Home Conference=
|Visitor Coach=
|Home Coach=
|Visitor AP=
|Visitor Coaches=
|Visitor BCS=
|Home AP=
|Home Coaches=
|Home BCS=
|US Network=
|US Announcers=
|Intl Network=
|Intl Announcers=


Below are the new fields that were not present in the old design in case you are just wanting to update the old design.

|US Network=
|US Announces=
|Intl Network=
|Intl Announcers=



The name of the game the article is about. Can simply be the teams played or the commercial name of the game or the reason the game is significant.
2007 Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Longhorns, or 2007 Red River Rivalry, or Highest scoring game in history, etc.
The year in which the season took place (not the year the game took place although these may often be the same)
The date the game took place.
2007-12-31 or December 31, 2007
The stadium where the game took place
[[Cotton Bowl (stadium)|Cotton Bowl]]
The location where the game took place. The parameter is titled city, but please enter city and state
[[Dallas, TX]]
Visitor Name Short and Home Name Short
The short name of the teams competing in the game. University of Oklahoma would be Oklahoma, Louisiana State University would be LSU. This is used to create link to the team's specific article page.
Visitor Nickname and Home Nickname
The nickname or mascot of the school. USC would be Trojans, and Nebraska would be Cornhuskers.
Visitor Coach and Home Coach
The head coach of the teams competing in the game.
[[Brian Kelly (coach)|Brian Kelly]]
Visitor1-11 and Home1-11
The scores by quarter of the competing teams. 1 through 4 are for the regulation four quarters; 5 through 11 are for overtime quarters.


The type of game it was. Use one of the parameters below:
nc = Non-Conference Game
c = Conference Game
bg = Bowl Game
ccg = Conference Championship Game
ncg = National Championship Game
For non-Division I games
The image representing the game the article is about. Be sure to follow Wikipedia's image guidelines and non-free image policy.
Visitor AP, Visitor Coaches, Visitor BCS and Home AP, Home Coaches, Home BCS
The AP, Coaches and BCS rankings of the competing teams, if applicable. These rankings should be accurate for the week before the teams played, not the week after or the end of the season.
The MVP(s) of the game. Only applicable for post-season games (conference championship, national championship, or bowl game).
[[John Doe]] (offense)<br/>[[Jim Doe]] (defense)
The odds/point spread of the game. Be sure to cite source.
WLSU favored by 2.5 points
The person/group who sang the national anthem prior to the game.
The referee(s) for the game.
The person/group/etc that performed during halftime of the game.
The official attendance of the game.
US Network
The network that aired the game in the United States.
US Announcers
The announcers for the game on the US network.
The Nielsen ratings of the game.
Intl Network
The network that aired the game outside the United State.
Intl Announcers
The announcers for the game on the international network.


The Bestest Game Ever
Conference game
1234OT2OT3OT Total
South Carolina 0000000 0
Clemson 0000008 8
DateJanuary 1, 2000
StadiumRose Bowl
LocationPasadena, CA
National anthemJimi Hendrix
RefereeJohn Bible
Halftime showGrambling State Marching Band
United States TV coverage
AnnouncersBob Barry, Sr.
Nielsen ratings18.9
International TV coverage
AnnouncersJose Jesus
{{Infobox college football single game
 |Name=The Bestest Game Ever
 |Date=January 1, 2000
 |Visitor School=University of South Carolina
 |Visitor Name Short=South Carolina
 |Visitor Nickname=Gamecocks
 |Visitor Record=11-1
 |Visitor Conference=[[Southeastern Conference|SEC]]
 |Visitor AP =
 |Visitor Coaches =
 |Visitor BCS =
 |Visitor Coach=[[Steve Spurrier]]
 |Home School=Clemson University
 |Home Name Short=Clemson
 |Home Nickname=Tigers
 |Home Record=12-0
 |Home Conference=[[Atlantic Coast Conference|ACC]]
 |Home AP =1
 |Home Coaches =1
 |Home BCS =1
 |Home Coach=[[Charlie Weis]]
 |Stadium=[[Rose Bowl (stadium)|Rose Bowl]]
 |Referee=John Bible
 |US Network=ESPN
 |City=Pasadena, CA
 |Halftime=Grambling State Marching Band
 |Anthem=[[Jimi Hendrix]]
 |US Announcers=Bob Barry, Sr.
 |Intl Network=[[The Sports Network|TSN]]
 |Intl Announcers=Jose Jesus


This template was created as a replacement for a prior version that was deleted. It was designed to use as many of the same parameter names as possible to ease the transition, but there are some differences. This template used to be used at the top of game articles but was nominated for TfD for violations of MoS. This new design makes it a normal Infobox and also deprecates {{Infobox CollegeFB Bowl}} which was used to individual bowl games. This template is a combination of the old design and the Bowl template.

Parameter Old template New template
Visitor Total Used for input of total score for the teams New template uses parser functions to automatically add scores; these variables have been removed
Home Total
Type Manually entered the type of game Now has certain codes for the types of games which are used elsewhere in the template (i.e. using c does not allow the use of MVPs)
Image Not in original template; taken from Bowl game template Added to deprecate Bowl game template; also note City is a required field
US Network Not in original template; taken from Bowl game template; formerly called Network and Announcers Added to deprecate Bowl game template; also note the addition of US before the name; this is to allow the future addition of international broadcast information
US Announcers
Ratings Not present in the old templates
Intl Network
Intl Announcers

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