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{{Infobox bone}} displays a right-sided infobox showing information about bones of the body, allowing two images to be displayed at the top of the box.


{{Infobox bone
| Name          = 
| synonyms      = 
| Latin         = 
| Greek         = 
| Image         = 
| Width         = 
| Caption       = 
| Image2        = 
| Width2        = 
| Caption2      = 
| System        = 
| Origins       = 
| Insertions    = 
| Articulations = 
| Precursor     = 
| Acronym       = 
| Pronunciation = 

Standard parametersEdit

This infobox is one in a series of anatomy infoboxes, all of which share common parameters. These include:

Name = English name for structure
Pronunciation = Pronunciation of name, if term is not commonly used
Image = top image (omit "Image:")
Width = width of top image (in pixels, default=250)
Caption = caption under top image
Image2 = second top image (omit "Image:")
Width2 = width of second image (in pixels, default=250)
Caption2 = caption under second top image
System = Relevant body system (e.g., Circulatory system)
Latin = Latin name for structure
Greek = Greek name for structure, if relevant to anatomy / medical use
Acronym = Acronym, if in common use
TA, TH, TE, MeSH, FMA, NeuroLex, NeuroNames These fields are automatically filled from Wikidata, and edits can no longer be made through infoboxes.
Link All templates in this series provide a link to the relevant Anatomical terminology articles - eg Anatomical terms of bone for Template:Infobox bone, etc.

Unique parametersEdit

Parameters unique to this infobox include:

Origins = any origins of muscles or ligaments
Insertions = any insertions of muscles or ligaments
Articulations = any articulations of muscles or ligaments
Precursor = any precursor


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