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This template formats IPA transcriptions and links them to WP:IPA for Australian languages. The transcription should match the conventions of that key; for narrower dialect transcriptions, use {{IPA-all}}, which links to a more complete IPA key.

The first cell in the template is for the transcription, and a second optional cell is a switch that controls the lede. With no second value, the lede Aboriginal pronunciation: appears:

  • {{IPA-aus|o}}Aboriginal pronunciation: [o]
  • {{IPA-aus|o|pron}}pronounced [o]
  • {{IPA-aus|o|lang}}Aboriginal: [o]
  • {{IPA-aus|o|IPA}}IPA: [o]
  • {{IPA-aus|o|}}[o]

The name of a specific language may be used instead:

  • {{IPA-aus|o|Gamilaraay}}Gamilaraay [o]
  • {{IPA-aus|o|[[Gamilaraay language|Gamilaraay]] pronunciation}}Gamilaraay pronunciation [o]

Any of these may be combined with a sound file in an optional third cell:

  • {{IPA-aus|o|IPA|Test.ogv}}IPA: [o] (About this soundlisten)

For the default lede, however, a placeholder hyphen is required in the second cell:

  • {{IPA-aus|o||Test.ogv}}[o] (About this soundlisten)
  • {{IPA-aus|o|-|Test.ogv}}Aboriginal pronunciation: [o] (About this soundlisten)

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