Template:George Floyd protests map

Cities in North America with George Floyd protests with more than 100 participants. Minneapolis–Saint Paul is marked in red. Click the map to view a larger size and to see protests outside the frame. ()

To contribute:

Preflight checklist

  • Make sure the location is not yet on the map.
  • Make sure there were at least 100 protestors.
  • Ensure the protest is listed and cited in the US list, International list, or one of the state/location-specific articles linked from the topic template.
    • Update the text of those articles—WITH SOURCES—if the location is not yet listed.

Then, and only then:

  • Find the decimal representation of a locations's coordinates. For example, for Minneapolis, you could go to Minneapolis, click the coordinates in the infobox, and copy the decimal representation 44.981944, -93.269167 from the top of the GeoHack page.
  • Use "Edit Source" to view the {{maplink}} parameters. Scroll to the bottom of the source and follow the instructions there.

Thank you!

To use: {{George Floyd protests map}}, optionally with arguments.

You can specify these parameters that'll be passed to {{maplink}}:

  • width — default: 350
  • height — default: 250
  • zoom — default: 3
  • coords — default: {{coord|38.828175|-96.5795}}
  • text — default: (see above)
  • jurisdiction_filter — default: ^. This is a Mediawiki Lua pattern. Use ^US%-MN$ for just protests in Minnesota, for example.
  • infobox — default: not set. Set to yes (or any other value) to use formatting appropriate for infoboxes: plain frame, centered, text not displayed (appropriate text should instead be placed in the relevant caption parameter).

For example, a large world map is generated by {{George Floyd protests map|width=1000|height=680|zoom=2|coords={{coord|0|10}}|text=}}.