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This template adds the page to Category:Wikipedia essays or to Category:User essays, depending on namespace.

Please do not subst this template.

  • {{essay|WP:SHORTCUT1}} becomes:


This template has an |interprets= a.k.a. |pages= parameter. Replaces "This page is an essay" with "This page is an essay on [whatever you put in the parameter]":

  • |interprets=the [[Wikipedia:No original research]] policy
  • |interprets=the [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style]] guideline
  • |interprets=the [[Wikipedia:No original research]] and [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]] policies
  • |interprets=the [[Wikipedia:Verifiability]] policy and [[Wikipedia:Reliable sources]] guideline

You can have up to 5 shortcuts displayed. The shortcut parameters can also be named as |shortcut= or |shortcut1=, |shortcut2= ... |shortcut5=.

You can also use |cat= or |category= to specify a more specific category than the default Category:Wikipedia essays or (in userspace) Category:User essays. It can be done with or without "Category:"

  • |cat=Wikipedia essays on consensus
  • |category=Category:Wikipedia essays on consensus
  • |category=User essays on style‎
  • |cat=Category:User essays on style‎

Userspace essays should remain categorized in Category:User essays or one of its subcategories with this template.

Essays are sorted by their page name, or in userspace by subpage name.

If you want to use a different category sort, you can specify an entire category link with a sort key:

  • |cat=[[Category:User essays on style|Comprise, Use of]]‎

Additional categories (and sort keys) are added at the bottom of the essay page, as at any other page. User essays can be additionally categorized in topical subcategories of Category:Wikipedia essays in this way.


  • {{essay|WP:SHORTCUT1|WP:SHORTCUT2|interprets=the [[Wikipedia:Consensus|Consensus]] and [[Wikipedia:Ignore all rules|Ignore all rules]] policies}} becomes:

Variant templates

To place essays in appropriate sub-categories by subject, you can use:

The following templates are available to WikiProjects for clarifying the distinction between WikiProject guidance and other essays and information pages:

See also

  • {{Information page}} – the banner template for pages that are more just informational and non-opinionated like WP:GOV.
  • {{Wikipedia how-to}} – the banner template for pages that are more directly instructional and non-opinionated like H:EDIT.
  • {{Supplement|interprets=}} – to tag a well-established page that adds something to a policy or guideline, to make up for a deficiency, and when it is referenced in the guideline or policy like WP:BRD.
Article notice
  • {{Essay-like}} – designed for the main namespace, not "Wikipedia:" namespace; use if an article reads like an essay.
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