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The template {{coquote}} is intended primarily for compact placement of quotes in a separate paragraph indicating the source in the original language (or without it). The purpose of the template was compact and maximum flexibility. Almost all parameters (background color, borders, indents, etc.) can be configured using standard tools.

{{coquote|Texto|Source|Original text|en}}
 | background-color = Field for specifying the background color.
 | border = Field for defining the borders.
 | margin-left = Indent from the left edge.
 | padding = Indents between the frame and the inner text.
 | text = This field displays the text of the quote in Russian. The only required field.
 | source = This is the name of the author, the name of the source and other source information in Russian. Optional field.
 | original-text = Use this field to quote text in the original language. Optional field.
 | original-source = Field for specifying source information in the original language. Optional field.
 | original-lang = ISO 639-1 (2002) code for the language. Mandatory field when specifying the original text.
 | bq = A sign indicating the need for closing quotation marks (any non-zero value). Optional field.
 | center = A flag indicating the need to center the text (any non-zero value). Optional field.