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This template allows for the easy citing and linking to of German federal laws . It covers statutes and ordinances that are recorded on the German justice ministry's web site www.gesetze-im-internet.de as well as links to the Federal Law Gazette (BGBl.) It should not be substituted.


{{cite German law | link = | art = | para = | date = | en = | enab = | de = | deab = | year = | part = | pages = | url = }}


{{ cite German law | link = bdsg_1990 | para = 4a | date = 2003-10-03 | en = Federal Data Protection Act | de = Bundesdatenschutzgesetz | deab = BDSG }}

The above example will display as:

§ 4a Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) [Federal Data Protection Act] of 2003-10-03 (in German)


  • de (optional): The short name of the law, in German. If neigher de nor defull are provided, the German name is not cited.
  • defull (optional): The long name of the law, in German. May be omitted if the law does not have a long name.
  • deab (optional): The official abbreviation, in German. If neither deab nor link nor url are provided, no web link will be provided.
  • en (optional): The short name of the law, in English. If omitted, the word "Act" is used. In this case, you should at least provide date and pages. (Acts that change other acts often do not have a name.)
  • enab (optional): A common abbreviation, in English.
  • link (optional): The path component used after http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/. Defaults to lowercase version of deab. However, for some laws, an uncommon abbreviation or the year of publication is used. If neither deab nor link are provided, no link to www.gesetze-im-internet.de will be provided.
  • nolink (optional): no link to http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/. Use if the law has been rescinded and is no longer available there. May still generate a link to the Federal Gazette in future versions.
  • para (optional): cite a specific paragraph (indicated with "§"). Most German laws use either a paragraph or an article.
  • art (optional): cite a specific article (indicated with "art"). Most German laws use either a paragraph or an article.
  • date (optional): the date when the law was signed by the Bundespräsident.
  • year (optional): the year of the Federal Law Gazette, if different from date.
  • part (optional): the part of the Federal Law Gazette: I, II or III. Federal laws are published in part "I", which is the default (volume is an alias for part)
  • url (optional): override the URL (e.g., for use with an unofficial translation or if the automatic linking fails)

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