Decree.png This is a decree by the Supreme Cabal Regime of the English Wikipedia (SCREW). It expresses opinions and ideas that are absolutely and irrefutably true whether you like them or not. Changes to it must reflect the wishes of the Supreme Cabal. When in doubt, please ignore the talk page and just keep reverting. Face-grin.svg
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This template is used on some internal Wikipedia humor pages.


This template has various optional parameters:

  • |1=no – To radically change the wording. We'd tell you what the result will be, but then we'd have to kill you.
  • |talk=no – To suppress the ability to question the Cabal.
  • |type=article noun preposition – To replace "a decree by" with something else, e.g. "an RfC of" to indicate a joke RfC (don't use a real {{RfC}} tag for that!)
  • |shortcut=WP:SOMETHING – To provide a shortcut, which will be linked for you. You can have only one. If you were going to add multiple shortcuts to a joke page, you should probably be punished.
  • |demo=y – suppresses the topicon (do not use unless on a documentation page or something similar)