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To link to articles in the Wikisource 1920 edition of the Encyclopedia Americana.


{{Americana Poster|Article Name}}


{{Americana Poster|Article Name|Display Name}}


{{Americana Poster|Cogniet, Leon}}

This result is displayed in the top box to the right. If the last-name-first format looks too ugly, use:

{{Americana Poster|Cogniet, Leon|Léon Cogniet}}

This result is displayed in the bottom box to the right.

Usage tips

When you put this template on a Wikipedia article, please be kind to the regular Wikipedians who are working on those articles. This should be placed at the bottom of the article, usually the External links section. Sometimes it simply won't fit within the Wikipedia article at the bottom, so you may have to use some judgement: think about using the in-line version, {{Cite Americana}}. If the article is about a Wikisource author, it will usually be better to just put a link in the "Works about" section of the author page in Wikisource using Wikisource:Template:Americana Link.

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