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This template has been created by merging several related templates together, to centralise the code and documentation. Its name is an abbreviation of "Articles for Creation - collapse".

It is used by experienced Wikipedians reviewing Wikipedia:Articles for creation and Wikipedia:Images for upload requests. The purpose is to collapse a request which has been reviewed, so that it takes up less space on the page and lets unreviewed requests appear more prominently.

At the top of a requestEdit

The usage is


where type is one of the following:

type purpose
a for requests which have been accepted. (This is the default outcome.)
d for requests which have been declined.
ma for requests which have been mass-moderated and accepted.
md for requests which have been mass-moderated and declined.
p for request which have been partially-accepted.
r for requests which have not had a response from the submitter after a reasonable time.
us for requests which were unsuccessful.
s for requests which succeeded, perhaps by the submitter uploading the image/creating the redirect or category themselves.
w for requests which have been withdrawn by the submitter.

At the bottom of a requestEdit

Type {{AfC-c|b}}


Alternative formsEdit

A number of templates can be used as a shortcut to this one.

{{Afc mm}} {{AfC-c|ma}}
{{Afc top}} {{AfC-c|d}}
{{Afc b}} {{AfC-c|b}}
{{Ifu a}} {{AfC-c|a}}
{{Ifu d}} {{AfC-c|d}}
{{Ifu s}} {{AfC-c|s}}
{{Ifu w}} {{AfC-c|w}}
{{Ifu b}} {{AfC-c|b}}

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