Telia Eesti

Telia Eesti AS (formerly AS Eesti Telekom) is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the Baltic states and member of Telia Company. AS Eesti Telekom is a holding company registered and operating in the Republic of Estonia, whose subsidiaries provide telecommunications services.

Telia Eesti AS
ProductsTelecommunication services
OwnerTelia Company
Former Eesti Telekom logo used until 2016.

Eesti Telekom changed its name to Telia Eesti in 2016.

Estonian mobile operator EMT and broadband operator Elion have merged their functions and are known as AS Eesti Telekom since August 2014.

AS Eesti Telekom is not directly involved in commercial operations, and its profit accumulates mainly from the profits of other companies in the group. In 2008 the net sales of the Eesti Telekom Group totalled 6,190 million kroons, a decrease of 1% over the year. The group's net profit was 1,438 million kroons.

Telia Eesti is a member of Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

The share capital of AS Eesti Telekom consists 137,954,528 of ordinary shares with a nominal value of 10 kroons each The company's ordinary shares are divided among shareholders in the following manner:

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