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Telelift GmbH is a worldwide operating German engineering company which develops and installs advanced logistics systems (Monorail conveyor) for hospitals, libraries, industry and security-related applications. The systems provide a comprehensive transport automation of light materials handling and have no limits in number of operator stations for both sending and receiving of goods in closed and locked container vehicles.

Telelift GmbH
GmbH (Private company)
HeadquartersMaisach, Bavaria, Germany
Area served
Key people
Karl Puehringer (CEO)
ProductsLogistics systems, security systems
Typical application of Telelift in a hospital

Telelift is headquartered in Maisach, near Munich in Germany and has three subsidiaries in Berlin, Stuttgart and Singapore.



Telelift was founded in 1964 in Munich. In the same year, the first of numerous patents was granted for an electric track vehicle system which was the start to a long lasting and still remaining business success [1] in many countries, mainly in Europe and America, but also in Asia, Middle East and Australia. A professional distribution brought hundreds of so-called „UniCar“ systems to many hospitals, libraries [2] and administration buildings. HSBC headquarters for example in London and Hong Kong operate large Telelift systems with hundreds of transport trolleys.

A second product line was an AGV (automated guided vehicle) called „TransCar“ which was installed from 1974 – 2012 in dozens of hospitals in Europe and Asia.

In 1989, Thyssen bought Telelift GmbH, integrated its own library automation system type "MultiLift" and added the Siemens track system type Simacom VT. In 1999, a Swiss company bought Telelift GmbH and integrated it into their healthcare solutions group. In 2012, Telelift GmbH was sold and is privately owned again.

To date, more that 1.300 Telelift systems have been installed in over 40 countries.


Telelift develops and produces rail-bound conveying system for tansporting goods up to 50 kg in buildings and production plants. Unique character of all system is a three-dimensional traffic routing, 100% system monitoring and Industry 4.0 qualified implementation. Healthcare [3] has the largest market share. About 500 systems have been installed to hospitals, increase hygiene standards significantly and drop the number of lower-educated transportation staff. Other markets are libraries from 250.000 books, administration buildings with security demand and industry applications (automotive and food industries).

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