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Telecorporación Salvadoreña (TCS) is a television network in El Salvador.

Telecorporación Salvadoreña S.A.
Media Conglomerate Company and Sociedad Anónima
IndustryMass media
Founded7 December 1965; 53 years ago (1965-12-07)
FounderBoris Eserski, CEO
HeadquartersCarretera Panamericana y Calle N°3, Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, El Salvador
Area served
Worldwide from El Salvador

Telecorporación Salvadoreña is a group of local television stations formed by channels 2, 4, 6, and TCS+ (VTV channel 35). TCS launched began transmissions on channel 31. The channel stopped analogical broadcasts in NTSC and was launched in the TDT on the same frequency, within the virtual channel 31.1, with programming of the TCS files in test signal Most of the time each channel has an independent programming schedule, but the channels do share limited programming and simulcasts, particularly on weekday mornings. When linked together, the network name (Telecorporación Salvadoreña) is used instead of the channels' individual names (2, 4 , and 6).

Besides the four television stations, TCS also has two radio stations: VOX FM Vox FM Web Site and Que Buena Que Buena Web Site

Telecorporación Salvadoreña main and newly released Web Site is (before esmitv), where one can find over 20,000 video clips about Salvadoran news.


Terrestrial networksEdit

Network Flagship Programming
Canal 2 YSR 2 general programming, entertainment, TV series, telenovelas, and news.
Canal 4 YSU 4 sports, entertainment, and news.
Canal 6 YSLA 6 telenovela reruns, movies, entertainment series, news, and music.
TCS+ YSUT 35 all-round programming


Telecorporacion Salvadoreña's shows include:

  • Secretos de cocina (on air)
  • A cocinar! (on air)
  • Domingo para Todos (on air)
  • Picante y Sabroso (on air)
  • Viva la mañana (on air)
  • A Todo o Nada (off season)
  • Grandiosas (on air)
  • Top Chef El Salvador 1º 2º y 3º (off season)
  • Tele cash (on air)
  • En Vivo Con Ana Paola y Andrea (on air)
  • Invasión 51 (on air)
  • Fit TV (on air)
  • Ponte Fit (on air)
  • >Play (on air)
  • La Polémica (on air)

Off-Air ProgramsEdit

  • Brinka
  • Club Disney
  • La Hora Warner
  • Chivisimo
  • Hollywood Pack
  • Duro Blandito
  • Código Fama El Salvador
  • Fin de Semana
  • ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?
  • Nuestra Belleza El Salvador
  • Bailando por un sueño El Salvador
  • Cantando por un sueño El Salvador
  • Tal Para Cual
  • Trato Hecho
  • Conéctate 2Night
  • La Comedia Hora
  • Dale Watts
  • Código Fama El Salvador
  • Acoplados
  • Sabaton
  • Reto Centroamericano de Baile
  • El Jardín de la Tía Bubu
  • Jardín Infantil
  • Variedades del 6
  • Ticket con Francisco Cáceres
  • Éxitos Musicales
  • El número uno
  • El Número Uno Kids
  • El Número Uno VIP
  • Calle 7 El Salvador (until the seventh season)
  • Tu Nai


On June 1, 2008 Telecorporación Salvadoreña create an alliance with DirecTV where in Channel 429 of Telecentro, DirecTV is the one in charge to transmit all the national programs of TCS in the United States and Canada.

This is one of the passages for the internationalization of the television transmitter but important of El Salvador, another one of the plans to future that it has TCS is to inaugurate the live signal of the 4 channels of the television transmitter in its Internet page.

The alliances on which it counts TCS, are another one of the factors that contribute to the exchange of information and variety of programming on which it counts. The strategic alliances that the television transmitter owns are:


Since its foundation, Telecorporación Salvadoreña shows the "TCS" initial as a shortest meaning of the company.