Teen Angels

Teen Angels was an Argentine pop band formed from the series Casi Ángeles. Its original members were Lali Espósito, Peter Lanzani, Nicolás Riera, Gastón Dalmau and China Suarez, who would be replaced in 2011 by Rochi Igarzábal.

Teen Angels
Teen Angels
Teen Angels
Background information
OriginBuenos Aires, Argentina
GenresPop, dance-pop, pop rock, Latin pop
Years active2007—2012
LabelsSony Music
WebsiteOfficial Website
Past membersGastón Dalmau
Lali Espósito
Peter Lanzani
Nico Riera
Rocío Igarzábal
China Suárez

Teen Angels recorded six studio albums and three live albums. Teen Angels 2 was certified double platinum, Teen Angels, Teen Angels 3 and Teen Angels 4 Platinum and gold Teen Angels 5 by CAPIF.

The band provided concerts and promotions in different cities in Argentina and in countries such as Peru, Chile, Israel, Spain, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Brazil and Italy.

In 2011 the band become independent from the TV series and by hand of Sony Music. During that year they released a fifth record work , TeenAngels 5, a different CD and showing a more mature profile of the Band. In addition tours were made by the different points of Argentina, Israel, Uruguay and Peru; this tour highlighted the concert offered inside the Femme Fatale Tour of Britney Spears at the Estadio Ciudad de La Plata, Buenos Aires.

In March 2012 it was confirmed its dissolution and after a schedule of recitals farewell at the Teatro Gran Rex, on October 8, 2012 they made their last show in the Orfeo Superdomo of the city of Córdoba.

On May 30, 2013, the Argentine cinema released the "film" of their latest show, who was called : Teen Angels: El Adiós.


Beginnings with Casi ÁngelesEdit

The group emerged following the release of the album Teen Angels I, which contained the music of the 2007 TV series. Emilia Attias, Gastón Dalmau, Lali Espósito, Peter Lanzani, Nicolás Riera and China Suárez were the main performers with the participation of Nicolás Vázquez. The content of the songs was related to the facts narrated in the telenovela and one of them, «Voy por más», became the first single.

The band gave support to Casi Ángeles a series of recitals at the Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, Argentina during that year.

2008-2009: From fiction to realityEdit

In 2008, the band transcended the fiction and edited Teen Angels II (already without the presence of Emilia Attias and Nicolas Vázquez). The disc contained 13 songs, three of them interpreted by Attias and Vázquez. The singles of this album were «A ver si pueden» and «A decir que si», being crowned during that year, this first, like one of the ten most popular songs of America according to The Associated Press. Teen Angels 2 received the gold disc, only two days after its release, and then was awarded double platinum in Argentina.

This album toured several Argentine provinces such as Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza and Salta. And they made their first show in Uruguay in front of 10 thousand spectators.

At the end of 2008 they signed a contract for Coca-Cola releasing the song and the video clip, «Hoy Quiero».

The third season began on April 20, 2009 on Telefé, giving way to the release of the third studio album called homonymous, Teen Angels III (following the trend of the previous). His broadcasting court was «Que Nos Volvamos A Ver». The album became platinum in Argentina. They also presented the second single, «Vuelvo a casa», in the middle of the year.

In July they recorded the video clip «Cada Vez Que Sale El Sol», a cover of the song performed by the Argentine singer Sergio Denis, for the new campaign of the brand Coca-Cola. The track was included as a bonus track on his second live album recorded at the Gran Rex Theater, which went on sale on August 25, also corresponding to the play of the third season of the series.

The 27 of September are presented for the first time in Madrid, Spain, in the Telefónica Flagship Store de la Gran Vía in a showcase for guests and press, like promotion of the cd.

On October 3, they gave their first concert in Israel for a series of performances at the Nokia stadium in Tel Aviv, performing 13 functions with more than 78,000 spectators. Right there they recorded a song in Hebrew, «El lugar real» , and they released a special album and DVD TeenAngels En Vivo: From Israel. Due to its enormous success and popularity, the State of Israel issued stamps with the photos of the band. There were a total of eleven postage stamps: two of each member of the group and another of the five together. In the last quarter of the year, Teen Angels made their first promotional tour of Chile, Perú, Venezuela, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Italy.

With the arrival of the holidays, the quintet recorded a new song called «Navidad» and a new video for Coca-Cola and his campaign La magia está con vos. And they received in Spain the award 40 principales, to the best artist of Argentina.

2010: Last year with Casi ÁngelesEdit

In March, Teen Angels returned to Israel to promote the release of the CD + DVD pack (exclusive for that country) Live from Israel recorded the previous year and gave a show in Spain on March 23 at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid. There was filmed the video clip of "Miedo A Perderte" produced by Carlos Jean, an advance of the fourth album of study titled Teen Angels IV. On May 22 they performed in Madrid at a concert, which promoted taking care of the environment. For that, the group was presented in the framework of the celebrations of the Día Mundial de la Biodiversidad organized by the magazine Bravo. There they released their video clip «Bravo por la Tierra» in order to raise awareness in defense of the planet.

The song «Vos Ya Sabés» was the tuning head of the fourth season of the series, and first single of his fourth album. Followed by «Miedo a perderte». This fourth album came to be crowned platinum. In May 2010 they visit Brazil, where they do a promotional tour and present their album Quase Anjos which contains the Portuguese versions of «A ver si pueden» (called : «Vamos ver quem pode») and one of «A decir que sí» (called : «Dizer que sim») respectively .

In July they began a series of presentations at the Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires. in addition to an Argentine national tour as a reason for the farewell of the television series.

Later they toured with concerts in Chile and Peru, and for the second consecutive year they obtained the 40 main prize, to the best Argentine artist, in Spain.

On July 27, Teen Angels: La Historia was released, a CD + DVD containing an unpublished song : «No Te Digo Adiós», created to end the series Casi Ángeles.

2011: Post Casi ÁngelesEdit

In January 2011, China Suárez left the band, and was replaced by Rocío Igarzábal, who was part of the cast of the television strip and had participated in the albums Teen Angels II, Teen Angels III and Teen Angels IV.

During that year, the members presented a new tour started on January 22 in Punta del Este. This included four dates in Israel (three in March and one in October) and two free shows in La Plata and Tigre. Also, it toured the city of Montevideo, Uruguay and some argentine cities.

The tour touted the new album titled Teen Angels V, which won the Golden Disc Award in August 2011. Three singles were released from the tour: the first, entitled «Que Llegue Tu Voz», was recorded at the Gran Rex Theater and reached high positions; the song «Mírame, Mírate» had a videoclip shot in Cataratas del Iguazú; and «Loco», the most controversial, showed the band in a more sensual and mature context. In October 2011, they receive the Kids Choice Awards Argentina, for the favorite latin group.

Amid a controversy over the recruitment, on November 20, the band performed at the opening of the Femme Fatale Tour of Britney Spears in the city of La Plata. To close the year, on December 13 the quintet was presented in Lima, Peru for the launch of the Yups TV channel Cris Morena Group.

2012: SeparationEdit

By 2012, several members had additional work to the band and rumors of a possible separation had begun.

On February 28 came the first issue of the sixth studio album La Despedida in the telenovela Dulce amor, which features in its cast with Nicolás Riera and Rocío Igarzábal. The unpublished song sung to duet by both was called Perfect Integrity.

On April 17, 2012, the new record material was released, which includes "Baja El Telón" (the first single), "Arriga en forma de amor" (second single) and "Integridad perfecta" (never a single official) as well as new versions of its previous themes. Also, they recorded a special participation for the telenovela of Telefe and they appeared in the talent show La Voz Argentina.

On October 8, the last show was held in the city of Cordoba before more than 20,000 people, after their performances at the Teatro Gran Rex. Lali Espósito explained that the reasons had to do with the incompatibility of the different careers of the members, "If we made the decision to continue it would be difficult to get together, go on tour, because Nico and Rochi are recording Dulce Amor, Peter is in La Owner, Gas is going to New York and I premiered Las Brujas de Salem.


During the month of September 2012, the channel Yups made the official film appearance of Teen Angels: El Adiós. The film shows the last concert performed at the Gran Rex Theater in Buenos Aires and was presented in a single function for Peru.

On May 30, 2013 was released in Argentina in theaters throughout the country, ranking ninth in number of spectators with 11,000, well behind the rest of the releases that week.

Image and productsEdit

Teen Angels was the face of a large number of licensed products. Stationery, posters, postcards, furniture, clothing lines, perfumes, among other products launched during seasons 2 and 3. An official store, the Fans Store, is located in the Unicenter shopping center, Buenos Aires. 2009 was released a free online video game called Audition TeenAngels. The game features songs from the show, dress of the characters and other contents of the strip. The MMORPG was created by Axeso 5 being released in 2009. Also at the end of the same year was released a limited version of the Lenovo G450 notebook, it had a design related to the fiction, besides owning in its disc content of the program.


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