Tecollotzin was a Tlatoque (ruler) of Coyoacán altepetl in 15th century Mexico.

Family Edit

He was a son of the Maxtla, the ruler of Coyoacán, and grandson of ruler Tezozomoc and Tzihuacxochitzin I.[1]

Glyph for Coyoacán, city of Tecollotzin

His aunt was Ayauhcihuatl (Aztec "empress") and his uncle was Quaquapitzahuac.

Upon Tezozomoc's death in the year Twelve Rabbit (1426), his son Tayatzin became a king, but Maxtla seized power at Azcapotzalco, leaving the rulership of Coyoacán to Tecollotzin.[2]

Family pole Edit

King Xolotl

Notes Edit

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