Technology Development Foundation of Turkey

Technology Development Foundation of Turkey is the manager of Turkey's first public-private funded program to support private sector's Research and Development and technological innovation projects. TTGV is administrated by a private sector majority public-private board and it is fully independent and transparent in daily operations. Since 1991, the Foundation has managed well over US$0.5 billion in public funds through various programs. As a part of innovation ecosystem, TTGV serves to improve the capacity of private entrepreneurship by using public and its own funds in order to

  • Develop and manage funds and programs
  • Contribute with consultancy, educational, coaching and analyzing services
  • Generate collaboration platforms to raise awareness and agenda setting
  • Policy making and corporate knowledge sharing between local and international networks.
Technology Development Foundation of Turkey
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Agency overview
Formed1 June 1991
HeadquartersAnkara, Turkey
Agency executives
  • Cengiz Ultav, Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. A. Mete Çakmakcı, Secretary General

By taking into account all of these factors, TTGV could be regarded as an autonomous and distinctive model of public-private partnership.


TTGV is a non-profit public private partnership under the legal structure of a foundation headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. The foundation was established in 1991, with the collaboration of 24 private sectors, 5 public institutions, 11 umbrella organizations and 15 individuals.

There are 10 members from independent private sector and 5 from public sector. TTGV has been the part of many firsts in Turkey, as invested in first two PE funds, financed first techno-park development projects, invested in first technology start-up investment company and invested in first Turkey dedicated fund of funds. TTGV has 36 full-time professionals and an expert network that involves 1.500 professionals from various fields.

Business lineEdit

Under four main categories of activities, TTGV addresses to reach out to its sponsors, partners and clients through products of strong brand recognition.

Program Management TTGV manages soft loans and compulsory company contribution programs through its own and public funds. In general, the funds of TTGV concentrate on Research and Development, technological innovation and environmental sustainability. Program Management is the familiar branch of foundation.

Projects & Consultancy TTGV takes an active role to determine the deficiencies and necessities of existing innovation ecosystem and to disseminate sample implications. In this regard, the foundation provides consultancy and coaching services for private sector.

Funds Management Since 2000, TTGV has become one of the important actors on the venture fund field in Turkey. The foundation has a broad experience with competence on financial management, reporting and accountability through its corporate structure. Through its soft loan program, TTGV provided well above US$385 Million to around 1000 technology development projects.

Intellectual Platforms As a pioneer public-private partnership model, TTGV aims to establish an environment to generate, share and disseminate new, creative and innovative ideas. From this point of view, TTGV purposes to be an innovation think tank by laying a bridge between policy makers, academicians, civil society organizations, experts, and professionals from private sector.


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