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Technological University, Kyaingtong

Technological University (Kyaing Tong) (Burmese: နည်းပညာတက္ကသိုလ်(ကျိုင်းတုံ)) is in Kengtung Township, East Shan State, Myanmar with an area of 38.38 acres. It was formerly opened as Government Technological Institute (GTI) in 1999 and then promoted as Government Technological College (GTC) in 2001. It was upgraded to university level as Technological University in 2007.

Technological University (Kyaingtong)
Former names
Government Technical Institute
Government Technological College
Location, ,



  1. Civil Engineering Department
  2. Electronics and Communications Department Department
  3. Electrical Power Engineering Department
  4. Electrical Power Engineering Department
  5. Mechanical Engineering Department
  6. Academic Department


No Graduate Progran Degree Duration
1 Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) B.E
2 Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic and Communication) B.E 5 years
3 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Power) B.E Full time
4 Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) B.E
No Graduate Progran Degree Duration
1 Bachelor of Technology (Civil) B.Tech
2 Bachelor of Technology (Electronic and Communication) B.Tech 4 years
3 Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Power) B.Tech Full time
4 Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical) B.Tech

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