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The Tech Awards (expanded in 2016 to The Tech for Global Good[1]) is a program of The Tech Interactive (previously The Tech Museum of Innovation) wherein innovators from any country are recognized for technological contributions which benefit the greatest number of people.

Laureates honored at the 2016 annual Tech Awards.


The Tech Interactive created the award in response to The Millennium Project's State of the Future report, which recommends the granting of awards to accelerate technology to improve the human condition.[2]

The Tech has granted the awards yearly since 2001 to multiple recipients in each category, and as of 2011, one recipient in each category also gets a cash award of $50,000 from any of various award sponsors. Awards are granted in five categories - environment, economic development, equality, education, and health.

In 2012, the categories changed to environment, economic development, education, health, young innovator, and Sustainable Energy. The sustainable energy category will not return in 2013. Along with the changes in the categories, the number of laureates changed. Each category would have 2 laureates, one laureate will receive $25,000 and the other laureate would receive $75,000. Therefore, both laureates received a cash prize.[3]

Global Humanitarian AwardEdit

The Global Humanitarian Award is given to individuals who displays leadership in using technology to benefit the world.

Year Global Humanitarian Award recipient
2013 Dean Kamen[4]
2012 N.R. Narayana Murthy
2011 Jeffrey Skoll
2010 Queen Rania of Jordan
2009 Al Gore
2008 Muhammad Yunus
2007 Gordon Moore
2006 Bill Gates
2005 Kristine Pearson
2004 James C. Morgan


The following organizations are currently sponsors of The Tech Awards:[5]

Prize laureatesEdit

Award Laureates
year award laureate affiliation contribution region notes
2010 environment Peer Water Exchange Blue Planet Network water sustainability India award
2010 Economic Development Alexis T. Belonio Gasification system for rice husks Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam award
2010 Education BBC World Service Trust Mobile application development to teach English Bangladesh award
2010 Equality A Single Drop for Safe Water social entrepreneurship for drinking water Philippines award
2010 Health Venkatesh Mannar promotion of double-fortified salt India award
2011 Environment AquaClara Cornell University inexpensive water treatment Honduras award
2011 Education PhET Interactive Simulations free educational physics and math simulations United States award
2011 Equality Universal Subtitles A simple, open, and collaborative way to subtitle videos United States award
2011 Health WE CARE Solar A "solar suitcase" to provide emergency lighting and power for medical procedures United States award
2011 Economic Development Eko India Financial Services Simple, instant, and safe banking and money-transfer services India award
2012 Environment Arup K. SenGupta transform arsenic crisis into an economic enterprise while protecting human health India award
2012 Education Literacy Bridge audio computer playing locally produced lessons that address the practical needs of people in oral cultures Africa award
2012 Young Innovator Angaza Design Low-cost, embedded Pay-As-You-Go technology that allows customers to pay for energy use in small amounts Africa award
2012 Health BioLite A low-cost, highly efficient wood-burning stove that dramatically reduces smoke and harmful black carbon emissions Global award
2012 Economic Development Pamela C. Ronald, David Mackill, Kenong Xu U.C. Davis Identification of a submergence tolerance gene and precise introduction of the gene into locally adapted varieties favored by farmers using modern molecular breeding Global award
2012 Sustainable Energy Simpa Networks Simple, affordable, pay-as-you-use pricing and mobile payment for off-grid solar energy solutions India award
2013[6] Environment Antrix Corp./ISRO: Sujala Project Watershed development India award
2013 Education Enova Created educational learning centers in areas determined by data Mexico award
2013 Young Innovator TOHL Mobile piping infrastructure for post disaster areas Chile award
2013 Health Nazava Water Filters Easy-to-use household water filters Indonesia award
2013 Economic Development The Darfur Stoves Project An energy-saving metal cookstove adapted for local cooking traditions, and assembled from flat-kits that are easily stockpiled and deployed. Sudan award


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