Tbilisi City Hall

Tbilisi City Hall (Georgian: თბილისის მერია, t'bilisis meria) is a clock-towered edifice situated in the southern side of Freedom Square (in Georgian - tavisuplebis moedani), Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. It houses the Mayor's office and the City Assembly (sakrebulo).

Tbilisi City Hall
თბილისის მერია
Alternative namesExecutive Authority of the Tbilisi
General information
Architectural styleExotic style with Neo-Moorish design
Construction started1830s
OwnerGeorgian government


The original building was built under the Imperial Russian rule in the 1830s but was reconstructed several times, taking a different look over the past two centuries. It served, until 1879, as a Chancellery of Chief Policemaster and police department. A competition announced in 1878 for the remodeling the building to the City Hall (Gorodskoy Dom) was won by the architect Paul Stern's project. It exterior architecture reflects the then-popular Exotic style with Neo-Moorish design. A tower was added in 1910 and the building was further enlarged in 1912.


The Tbilisi City Hall is administered by the Tbilisi City Hall Administration and accommodates several governmental departments, including the Tbilisi Corps, the municipal departments for transport, Economic Policy, Treasury, Joint Control, Welfare, Urban Planning, Education and Culture, Financial Affairs, Sports, Sales; as well as the city's legislature called Sakrebulo, and a historical drugstore.


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