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Taub or Taube is a surname. It may refer to:



  • Abraham Haskel Taub (1911–1999), American mathematician and physicist
  • Aino Taube (1912–1990), Swedish film and theatre actress
  • Astri Taube (1898–1980), Swedish sculptor, married to Evert Taube
  • Ben Taub (1889–1982), American philanthropist and medical benefactor
  • Carl Taube (1939–1989), American statistician
  • Carlo Taube (1897–1944), Austro-Hungarian pianist, composer, conductor
  • Daniel Taub (born 1962), Israeli Ambassador To The Court Of St James
  • David Rosenmann-Taub (born 1927), Chilean poet, musician, and artist
  • Edward Taub (born 1931), American behavioral neuroscientist
  • Evert Taube (1890–1976), Swedish author, artist, composer and singer, married to Astri Taube
  • Gadi Taub (born 1965), Israeli historian, author, screenwriter, and political commentator
  • Hedvig Taube (1714–1744), Swedish noble and salonist, official royal mistress to King Frederick I of Sweden
  • Henry Taub (1927–2011), American businessman and philanthropist
  • Henry Taube (1915–2005), Canadian-born American chemist awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • Karl Taube (born 1957), American Mesoamericanist, archaeologist, epigrapher and ethnohistorian
  • Mel Taube (1904–1979), American football, basketball, and baseball player and coach
  • Mikhail Taube (1869–1961), Russian lawyer, statesman, and historian
  • Mortimer Taube (1910–1965), American library scientist
  • Nils Taube (1928–2008), Estonian-born British fund manager
  • Richard Taub (born 1937), American sociologist
  • Robert Taub (born 1955), American concert pianist
  • Robert Taube (1880–1961), Russian-born German actor
  • Sven-Bertil Taube (born 1934), Swedish singer and actor

Fictional charactersEdit

  • Chris Taub, fictional character on the Fox medical drama House

See alsoEdit

  • Daub (surname)
  • Taubes (surname)
  • Teyber, Austrian family of musicians sometimes spelled this way