Tatsunosuke Kanda

Tatsunosuke Kanda (神田 辰之助, kanda tatsunosuke, February 22, 1893 – September 6, 1943) is a deceased Japanese professional shogi player who achieved the rank of 8-dan (the highest dan at the time) and also 9-dan, which was an honorary rank, after death.

Tatsunosuke Kanda
Tatsunosuke Kanda 1939 Scan10001.jpg
Native name神田辰之助
Born( 1893 -02-22)February 22, 1893
HometownHonjōmura (now part of Higashinada-ku, Kobe)
DiedSeptember 6, 1943(1943-09-06) (aged 50)
Achieved professional status1917 (aged approx. 25)
Rank9 dan
TeacherSankichi Sakata, Kinjirō Kimi

Kanda's son, Shizuo Kanda (神田鎮雄), also became a professional player.

Early lifeEdit

Shogi professionalEdit

Kanda was involved in a controversy over his promotion to the rank of 8-dan, which led to a western faction of shogi players (the Japan Shogi Reform Society 日本将棋革新協会 nihon shōgi kakushin kyōkai) splitting away from the newly formed Japan Shogi Association.[1]

When the shogi world united into the Shogi Consolidation Association (将棋大成会, shōgi taisei-kai) (an early form of the Japan Shogi Association) in 1936, Kanda became the head of the western Kansai branch.[2]

Promotion historyEdit

Titles and other championshipsEdit

Kanda was one of the 8 competitors in the very first tournament league for the first Meijin title in 1937, when the title shifted from a hereditary system to a tournament competition. Yoshio Kimura was the winner and became the first Meijin.[3]

In 1942, Kanda was the challenger for the third Meijin title tournament against Yoshio Kimura. However, he lost all four games, and Kimura retained the title.[4]


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