Tarek El Kazzaz

Tarek El Kazzaz (Arabic: طارق القزاز‎; born July 23, 1980) is an Egyptian digital entertainment expert who is also the CEO and founder of QSoft Holding, one of the leading new media companies in the Middle East. El Kazzaz is best known for creating and producing Al-Bernameg with Bassem Youssef, the first and top political satire program in the Middle East.[1]

Tarek El Kazzaz
Tarek ElKazzaz CEO of Qsoft
Tarek ElKazzaz CEO of Qsoft
Date of BirthJuly 23, 1980 (age 40)
Years Active2001-present
Notable WorksB+Show
Al-Bernameg with Bassem Youssef
Thawra Ala Alnafs
America Belarabi


After graduating from the American University in Cairo with a bachelor's degree in construction engineering, El Kazzaz became determined to create a market for online digital entertainment in Egypt. He started working on several self-funded startups in the media production and digital media field, but none of them achieved the success he sought or the vision that he had in mind, a vision that would later change the media production industry in Egypt and the Middle East. In 2007, El Kazzaz founded Qsoft Ltd., the first company specialized in managing and monetizing online content in Egypt. Within five years, El Kazzaz's leadership had grown the company to become one of the top professional producers of commercial online video and TV content in the Middle East.[2][3]

In 2017 El Kazzaz was appointed as Head of Multi-Platform Network and Social Media at Middle East Broadcasting Center based in Dubai, heading all MBC's content creation and distribution on social media. He managed a team of 115 people across 4 countries to deliver around 8,000 videos a month, and pushed the MBC social video viewership to average 1 billion views a month, achieving according to Tubular Labs, the number 37 globally in the media and entertainment industry in viewership.

Discovering Bassem YoussefEdit

After the tremendous success of managing and monetizing content on the internet, El Kazzaz decided to move a step further into the digital media industry, namely by creating his own online content. His objective was to create content that would succeed online and later move on to TV, reaching the largest possible number of viewers. Being lifetime friends with Bassem Youssef, El Kazzaz realized the talent Youssef had and decided to combine that talent with his expertise in digital entertainment to produce compelling content addressing the young Egyptian online community. Late in 2010, El Kazzaz and Youssef created a program discussing the different religious cults around the world. However, the project was never uploaded on YouTube due to the 2011 Alexandria bombings, that took place at the same time of the video production, making the topic too sensitive to address at the time. After the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, El Kazzaz and his carefully selected team of young professionals started executing a strategic plan to produce the number one entertainment show in the Middle East, namely Al-Bernameg with Bassem Youssef. The company started by producing the B+ Show on YouTube, gaining more than five million views in the first three months. In a few months, the team became the Executive Producers of Al-Bernameg with Bassem Youssef, making the show the first Internet to TV conversion in the Middle East. After leading an ambitious renovation project of Cairo’s glamorous Radio Theatre in 2012, the program became the first show of its kind in the Middle East with a live audience, and recording one of the highest ratings on TV with more than 40 million viewers every week and more than two million subscribers on its YouTube channel.[4]

Further ProjectsEdit

Being a principal contributor to the success of a number of productions, such as “America Bel ‘Arabi” by Bassem Youssef and “Thawra ‘Ala Al Nafs” by Moez Massoud, El Kazzaz decided to unleash the potential of his team by co-founding “BIG Productions”, a specialized production company. He is also embarking on a new project under the name Tube Star Network that aims not only to create successful productions, but also to create an online platform for any talent in the region to be developed, nourished and professionally produced, and to reach the highest number of audience through the different entertainment channels. QSoft has now expanded into a holding company, employing more than 250 young professionals, with offices in Cairo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. El Kazzaz remains CEO, leading the company’s corporate strategy, business growth plans, contract negotiations, new accounts acquisitions, promoting corporate brand and relations, and online campaigns design and management.[5]


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